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The process of indicating where an incident occurred has changed; only the initial location is required and an indication of the direction of travel if the vehicle was in motion. If the incident occurred when stationary, this can be indicated.

The placement of the marker will only be enabled when the map display has been zoomed into a level which displays a suitable amount of detail for an accurate placement of the marker. This will be shown in the prompt text at the top of the map.

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To show us approximately where the anti-social driving incident started please zoom in on the map to the location the incident was first observed. Double clicking on the map, or using the "In" and "Out" buttons provided will zoom in and centre it; then right-click on the map to add a marker.

Alternatively, (to find the starting location of the incident) you can also use the search boxes (Road / Town) above and then click on the search icon Search; selecting a location from the list found will zoom in and centre to that location on the map.

The map may also be positioned by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the map in the desired direction.

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Now we know where you first observed the incident it would help if you could show the approximate direction of travel, using the compass pointer. Move your mouse over the pointer, it should track your movements around the marker, when it is pointing in the approximate direction of travel, click once to lock it in position. If you need to reset the pointer, simply click on the arrow again, and it will unlock. If the vehicle was stationary/stopped at the time click on the centre button to indicate this, the button will turn red, to unset simply click on the button again. To reset the map click on the Search icon above.
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