When you press the ‘submit’ button…

  • Your contact details and report are recorded onto the Operation Crackdown database.
  • The system automatically checks whether the vehicle has been reported to us previously.
  • The system links with the DVLA database and obtains the registered keeper’s details.


The officers who administer Operation Crackdown will then research the information you provide and decide on the appropriate course of action. They will take into account:

  • How serious was the incident?
  • Has the vehicle has been reported before?
  • Does the driver fall into a category considered to be at high risk of causing a collision?


Depending on the answers to these questions, one of several things could happen

  • Report forwarded to Sussex Police Road Policing Unit (RPU) – The RPU and local officers will be sent details of regular anti-social drivers and action will be taken.
  • Warning letter sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle – The letter will request that they (or whoever was driving the vehicle) alter their driver behaviour. They will be warned that further offending will result in action being taken by local police.
  • Report stays in the Crackdown database, providing a history of the vehicle and allegations – Thanks to the ever-growing database of Crackdown reports, we are able to identify repeat offences when they happen. We are also able to analyse the patterns of reports and identify regular ‘hotspots’ of anti-social driver behaviour.